AP Stylebook updates, 12/15

cyber-, cyberspace

Cyberspace is a term popularized by William Gibson in the novel “Neuromancer” to refer to the digital world of computer networks. It has spawned numerous words with cyber- prefixes, but try to avoid most of these coinages. When the combining form is used, follow the general rule for prefixes and do not use a hyphen before a word starting with a consonant: cyberbullying, cybercafe.


Acceptable in all references for grade-point average.


Acceptable in all references for intravenous.

911 call

Acceptable for the U.S. emergency call number.

tea party (original entry updated)

Populist movement in the United States that opposes the Washington political establishment and espouses conservative and libertarian philosophy, including reduced government spending, lower taxes and reduction of the national debt and the federal budget deficit. Adherents are tea partyers. Formally named groups in the movement are capitalized: Tea Party Express.

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