AP Style update

Alaska Native
See Indians. 

ethnic cleansing
Euphemism for a campaign to force a population from a region by expulsions and other violence often including killings and rapes. The term came to prominence in former Yugoslavia during the 1990s to whitewash atrocities of warring ethnic groups, then usage spread to other conflicts. AP does not use “ethnic cleansing” on its own. It must be enclosed in quotes, attributed and explained. Don’t use the term as a keyword (slug) or in headlines.

Fussy or showy dress or ornamentations.

American Indian or Native American is acceptable for those in the U.S. Follow the person’s preference. Where possible, be precise and use the name of the tribe: He is a Navajo commissioner. In stories about American Indians, such words as wampum, warpath, powwow, teepee, brave, squaw, etc., can be disparaging and offensive. In Alaska, the indigenous groups include Aleuts, Eskimos and Indians, collectively known as Alaska Natives.




An irrational, uncontrollable fear, often a form of mental illness. Examples: acrophobia, a fear of heights, and claustrophobia, a fear of being in small, enclosed spaces. Do not use in political or social contexts: homophobia, Islamophobia.

Use square miles to describe the size of fires. The fire has burned nearly 4 square miles of hilly brush land. Use acres only when the fire is less than a square mile. When possible, be descriptive: The fire is the size of Denver.

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6 Responses to AP Style update

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  2. leathrpaws says:

    homophobia is as legitimate a word to use as claustrophobia, as it accurately describes a person who is afraid of homosexuals without any logical reason.

  3. As a suggested replacement term for “homophobia,” I would suggest the use of the more accurate term “Heterosexism” – which is a form of sexism in which the adherent believes that heterosexuality is or should be entitled to special rights and treatment, or is morally superior, to other sexual orientations. Similarly, the term “transphobia” should be discouraged, and the term “cissexism”should be used to describe those who adhere to the belief that transgender people should not be treated with justice and equality,

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